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International Basketball Success Online Workshop

With over 4000 college basketball Seniors and only 60 available positions in the NBA, basketball players who don’t make the NBA have a great chance of playing international basketball, but many don’t make it. ?Why, because they lack the necessary information.

The Institute for Personal Player Development (IPPD) has launched the International Basketball Success Workshop. ?This online workshop provides athletes with the information they need in order to have successful and productive careers abroad.

Why is this workshop important or needed? ?Most college basketball players are never given the proper information to find employment playing abroad. ?Instead many of these players either:

Give up on the dream

Play abroad and have a horrible experience

Sign contracts with agents who don’t help them

Pay to attend exposure camps and never?get a job

Waste years doing it the wrong way

College basketball programs and USA Basketball do?not give basketball players?the information they need in this new and exciting journey, but the IPPD does. ?Enroll today and learn what you have always wanted to know.

Listen to?what previous athletes think about the workshop below.

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