A Perspective for Highly Competitive Individuals


Originally it all started with interviews and articles from and for the athletic community. We have now moved into a variety of highly competitive environments which in many ways mirror the issues and challenges faced in sport.

  • Most people are not prepared mentally, emotionally, and most importantly socially, to handle being powerful people living in a power culture.

    Dr. Tommy Shavers Atlas Group
  • The evolution of student-athlete development is here, and you are now looking at career development, personal growth, community outreach and leadership all of the other aspects of developing a student-athlete.

    Karen Schiferl, Associate AD StudentAthlete Support Services Eastern Michigan University
  • I think Player Development is essential to the athlete. As we commit to developing the whole person; both the athlete and the non-athlete.

    Greg Taylor, Senior Vice President of Player Development NBA
  • Our strategic, philosophical, and practical approach to consulting, life coaching, and behavior management is built on our understanding of the significant influence that power can have on power holders in the areas we refer to as their culture, character, and conduct.

    Dr. Tommy Shavers Atlas Group
  • Personal development is key for everyone, yet it's crucial for student-athletes.There is so much pressure to win at the elite level. So a student athlete's primary job is to help their team be successful.

    Stephen Bardo Sport Analysis
  • But when you?re worried or unsure if you?re going to play in a game, then worried about making a mistake or messing things up as well as trying to play perfect for the small amount of time you?re on the court, that brings up all types of personal questions.

    Gary Harris NBA Denver Nuggets

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