Athletes Equal Business and the IPPD Partnership

The Institute for Personal Player Development has partnered with Athletes Equal Business to provide preparation and career services for the Institute. Athletes Equal Business is a company dedicated to coaching, counseling and placing highly talented student-athletes into the corporate world. Working in harmony with educational institutions and America’s top companies, Athletes Equal Business helps student athletes make a smooth transition from the playing field, to their vocational field, and find rewarding employment. The Institute for Personal Player Development provides top quality training and development for athletes and athletic staff, with an emphasis on the personal, social and professional development of athletes. The partnership will merge services and offer athletes and athletic staff assistance with post-collegiate career preparation, Transitional Management Assistance and will provide a high school and community college online program.

Research has clearly shown that making the transition from college athletics to the “real world” is a difficult, frustrating and often painful experience for student-athletes. The reason for this, unlike most traditional students, athletes are focused on practicing and competing in their sport well into their senior year. This significantly reduces the time available to participate in career fairs, campus interviews and other programs designed to help them find gainful employment.

According to Scott Cvetkovski Director of Campus Relations for, Athletes Equal Business, the partnership is going to provide a beautiful, holistic support avenue for athletes everywhere. The Institute and Athletes Equal Business share the same values, and we believe this partnership makes us stronger in our cause to make sure athletes are getting the most education and support to be successful before, during, and after sports.

Dr. Mark Robinson, Sr. Director of the Institute for Personal Player Development believes this partnership is another step in building a full-service personal development institute specifically focusing on the athlete and the global athletic community. The partnership provides our growing list of domestic and international Personal Player Development Specialist an in-house option to assist athletes with career preparation and development. The agreement also allows the Institute to move forward and fully implement our Transitional Management Assistance program in all areas, which I am extremely excited about.

To learn more about Athlete Equals Business or The Institute for Personal Player Development contact:

Dr. Mark Robinson





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Community College Student Athlete Conference

Dr. Mark Robinson and The Institute for Personal Player Development partnered with West Los Angeles College to deliver the first annual community college student-athlete conference. This was the first of several events and conferences targeting the community college student-athlete.  Take a moment and watch the highlight video of this historical event.



If you are interested in hosting a Personal Player Development event contact:

Dr. Mark Robinson
Sr. Director
The Institute for Personal Player Development

Meet the IPPD Faculty

The Institute for Personal Player Development is pleased to have a unique and energetic group of faculty committed to the personal growth and development of athletes.  The need to assist collegiate athletic departments and athletic organizations, in understanding sports culture as well as athlete behavior has become a high priority.

Our faculty members have built their individual reputations on being experts on the issues and challenges athletes face daily.


The IPPD Faculty 2016

The IPPD Faculty 2016


Dr. Mark Robinson, area of focus, Athletic Identity

Elaine Pasqua, area of focus, Health and Well-being, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Pasha Cook, area of focus, LGBTQ and the Athlete

DeQawn Mobley, area of focus, Social Responsibility and the Athlete:

Dr. Tommy Shavers, area of focus, Leadership and Personal Player Development

Camila Beek, area of focus, Athlete Branding

Dr. Donald English, area of focus, Mental Health and the Athlete

Malik Wade, area of focus, The Justice System and the Athlete

Dr. Kristina Navarro, area of focus, Career Counseling and Exploration

Dr. Steven N. Waller, area of focus, Spirituality and the Athlete

Annette Lynch,area of focus, Transition Success Beyond Sport

Cynthia Johnson, area of focus, Athlete Branding, Social Media, Marketing

Dr. Stephany Coakley, area of focus, Athlete Transition:

Eric Smith, area of focus, Financial Literacy and the Athlete

Dr. Marcus Amos, area of focus, Substance abuse & Pill Addiction and the Athlete

Susan Salzbrenner, area of focus, The Athlete and Cultural Intelligence

Marvin Burton Cornish, area of focus, The Deterrents of the Athlete


The IPPD is  currently seeking additional faculty to ensure our continued growth and desired place in the Personal Player Development industry.  If you are interested in joining the IPPD faculty contact Dr. Mark Robinson.


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