UCONN’s Collective Uplift and the Institute for Personal Player Development Establish a Partnership

The University of Connecticut School (UConn) of Education’s Collective Uplift (CU) program and the Institute for Personal Player Development (IPPD) have established a partnership centered around personal development training and education for students and student athletes.

Collective Uplift is a program created by Dr. Joseph Cooper. The purpose of CU is to empower, educate, inspire and support students across ethnic groups on campus toCapture maximize their full potential as holistic individuals both within and beyond athletic contexts. The IPPD provides training and education on the personal player development needs of the athlete. Areas such as Behavior Modification, Athletic Identity, Leadership, and Decision-making are just a few of the curriculum topics offered.  Understanding and developing student-athletes particularly minority student athletes has become a definitive tool in personal, academic and athletic success.

Dr. Tommy Shavers, the Institute for Personal Player Development Leadership Advisory Board Chair believes, “today’s athlete can be the key to tackling the current and future challenges facing athlete development. Athletes that have been trained and equipped with educational knowledge can combine their learning with their personal athletic experiences to become an even more effective practitioner in the area of athlete development. Collective Uplift provides us with the unique opportunity to train the next generation of Personal Player Development Specialists as they are progressing beyond their athletic context.”

Dr. Joseph Cooper, is the Director of Collective Uplift as well as an Assistant Professor in the School of Education, sees “the partnership between Collective Uplift and the Institute for Personal Player Development as a symbiotic relationship for both organizations because we share a common goal of developing and supporting athletes to understand and maximize their full potential both within and beyond the athletic contexts. Both CU and IPPD are committed to improving life outcomes for athletes through education, mentorship, and professional development. Also, both CU and IPPD recognize the importance of not only developing individual athletes but also engaging in meaningful dialogue with various stakeholders who interact with athletes on a consistent basis (coaches, counselors, advisors, etc.) and subsequently have a profound impact on their overall development. We look forward to this partnership and the positive benefits derived therein.”


For further information contact

Dr. Mark Robinson

Sr. Director of the Institute for Personal Player Development

(415) 944-7731







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