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Dr. Mark: International Athlete Seminar-Post College

Dr. Mark giving his International Athlete Seminar. The event sponsored by Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL), included two sessions attended by over 170 athletes from colleges across the country. This event is the first of its kind offered to recent college student athletes.     See more Interviews, Articles or Videos Back To PPD Mag

Student Athlete Growth and Development

hen multi-million dollar facility upgrades, branding and sponsorships, and media exposure are among the top ways to solicit and retain recruits, it is easy to see why there are growing concerns about a student-athlete’s preparation for life after eligibility. En route to a degree, today’s student-athlete has access to more coaches, specialized facilities and trainers […]

Someone Has to Sit on the Bench

By Dr. Mark Robinson PhD or many athletes, sitting on the bench as a reserve can be a painful and lonely reality check. I often work with athletes who develop personal and social developmental issues from sitting on the bench waiting to play the sport that they love. It may surprise you that allowing athletes […]

Coach Stew Robinson: Coaching the 21st Century Athlete

Coaching the 21st century athlete is much more complicated than one might imagine.  We caught up with Stew Robinson to get his perspective on the politics, athlete behavior and needs of coaches outside of the game PPD Mag: Do you believe athletes need assistance transitioning when they exhaust their eligibility? Coach Robinson: Yes. The main […]

Sports Do Not Have A Domestic Violence Problem

In 2014 we witnessed a number of issues and concerns in sports, specifically issues surrounding domestic violence and criminal activity of current and former players. Athletes today have made it easy for the media and sports journalists to claim the athletic sector has a domestic violence problem. The NFL has had this issue for many […]

Anthony Trucks, Life Coach and Former NFL Player

Dr. Mark: As a child you faced a lot of adversity, why is it important to tell your story? Mr. Trucks: I believe that we all have a story that is valuable to the lives of those around us. So many people are struggling with things that are similar to the people around their lives, […]