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Developing Minority Athletes

  If we start with the Person, we produce a better Student, which results in a better Athlete.     Check out this an article from Diverse Issues in Higher Education, click here     See more Interviews, Articles or Videos Back To PPD Mag

Mike Lewis on IMG, Mental Conditioning and the Black Athlete

Mike Lewis is a former Mental Conditioning, Athletic & Personal Development Coach at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.  He recently transitioned into his private practice at Breakthrough Performance Consulting in the Atlanta GA metro area.  He is provisionally certified as a Sports Psychology Consultant through the Association of Applied Sports Psychology. IMG Academy is […]

Survey on the Personal Development of Athletes

The purpose of this survey is to examine and explore areas of improvement for student athletes.  Please share your training experience in the personal player development arena.  Personal development/player development is defined as the holistic approach to the development of the student athlete as an individual person, with a focus on social, behavior, and identity development. This survey […]

Meet the IPPD Faculty

The Institute for Personal Player Development is pleased to have a unique and energetic group of faculty committed to the personal growth and development of athletes.  The need to assist collegiate athletic departments and athletic organizations, in understanding sports culture as well as athlete behavior has become a high priority. Our faculty members have built their […]

Nick Saban, an Advocate of Personal Player Development

Nick Saban is probably one of the best football coaches on the planet and if people could get past his on the field and recruiting accomplishments, they would embrace the ideology of the importance for Personal Player Development of athletes and realize it is the key to winning games and championships.  I do not know […]

Athletes Chasing The Idea Of Perfection

The pursuit to become proficient in every aspect drives athletes to eat, sleep and breath excellence. Since a young age, the idea that “practice makes perfect” is drilled into their mindset, but where does striving for perfection draw the line between healthy and unhealthy? Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can […]

Danielle Gleason, and the IPPD Specialist Certificate Experience

Danielle Gleason is a former collegiate swimmer for Colorado State University.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Exercise Science and a Master of Education in Higher Education.  Danielle was a graduate assistant in the Student Athlete Development office for Arizona State University, which is where she realized her true passion is working with athletes in the […]

Behavior Performance Survey

    We are in need of a diverse group of people to take a SHORT behavior performance survey (18yr old and older). Thank you in advance for your assistance and support! Click below to take the survey: http://ow.ly/3ysl2R                       Back To PPD Mag

Damany Hendrix, The Pain and the Game

Damany Hendrix is currently the varsity head basketball coach for the Justin-Siena Braves.  As a player he has experience at the high school and collegiate level.  As a coach he has experience with club development, AAU and NCAA coaching.   His experience as a player and now a coach influenced him to publish a book, […]

Brandon Sweeney, On his IPPD Specialist Certificate Experience

Brandon Sweeney is a former college athlete who experienced depression and thoughts of suicide, as a college athlete.   Mr. Sweeney shares his story of the setbacks he had to overcome when his dream of going to the NFL was shattered by a career ending injury in his current book, Loving The Game When The Game Doesn’t Love You […]