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Athletes Equal Business and the IPPD Partnership

The Institute for Personal Player Development has partnered with Athletes Equal Business to provide preparation and career services for the Institute. Athletes Equal Business is a company dedicated to coaching, counseling and placing highly talented student-athletes into the corporate world. Working in harmony with educational institutions and America’s top companies, Athletes Equal Business helps student […]

International Basketball Scams on the RISE: Don’t fall Prey to the Predator  

Since writing my first article on International Basketball Scams, I have received emails about possible scams and I can tell you the Scammers are still at large looking for Dream Chasers like yourself.  I created the International Basketball Workshop for International basketball Dream Chasers. Please invest in educating yourself on the business of playing International […]

Community College Student Athlete Conference

Dr. Mark Robinson and The Institute for Personal Player Development partnered with West Los Angeles College to deliver the first annual community college student-athlete conference. This was the first of several events and conferences targeting the community college student-athlete.  Take a moment and watch the highlight video of this historical event.     If you are […]

Follow the Personal Player Development Podcast

The Personal Player Development Podcast presents discussions on the issues in the area of personally developing the athlete. Why is this important? Athletes spend much of their time focusing on athletic development and neglect their personal growth. Before we can focus on athletic development we need to concentrate on personal development. Search the internet and […]

Dr. Mark, the Athlete and Branding

Young athletes spend a lot of time on social media but don’t realise the effect they could have in building their personal brand. This is a clip of a similar conversation between Dr. Mark Robinson and a student athlete.   Dr. Mark, branding and the athlete from Dr. Mark Robinson on Vimeo.     See […]

UCONN’s Collective Uplift and the Institute for Personal Player Development Establish a Partnership

The University of Connecticut School (UConn) of Education’s Collective Uplift (CU) program and the Institute for Personal Player Development (IPPD) have established a partnership centered around personal development training and education for students and student athletes. Collective Uplift is a program created by Dr. Joseph Cooper. The purpose of CU is to empower, educate, inspire […]

Michael Phelps on Athletic Identity

Michael Phelps is arguably one of the most decorated athletes holding 22 Olympic medals 18 of them gold.  However with that success came a price many athletes have to pay, the complete loss of his identity.  Athletic Identity is an issue many in sports struggle with.  The developmental process of Athletic Identity takes years to build […]

Last Chance U is Our First Chance

The latest sport related documentary is Last Chance U.  Although the film is following the Eastern Mississippi Community College (EMCC) football team, the events that take place give us a look at much more than the usual college football drama made for TV.  The show is as real as it gets regarding the pressure, issues and […]