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The Welfare of Footballers and Athletic Identity

Since 2012 the PFA has provided dedicated service to help its members wellbeing, and the numbers taking advantage of that are on the rise. According to the PFA website, the dedicated approach was taken because “we felt a lot of onus was being placed on the physical aspect of playing football and not enough emphasis […]

The Human side of Sports Management, Athletic Scandals and Athlete Behavior

Sports Management is a field that produces opportunities to work in a variety of sports-related capacities. According to Careers in Sports Management, people who work in sports management are interested in both sports and business. In school, sports management professionals learn about finance, marketing, law, and business as they apply to the world of sports. […]

Athletic Identity: Transition to Transformation Book

Most athletes enjoy an exciting athletic career with little preparation for the road that lies beyond sports. Research indicates it takes college athletes between 18 months and five years to become fully adjusted to life without sports participation. During this transition to transformation (T2T) process, athletes can suffer depression, loneliness, alcohol and drug addiction, lack […]

Karen Schiferl, Associate AD for Student-Athlete Support Services at Eastern Michigan University

Karen Schiferl is currently the Associate AD for Student-Athlete Support Services at Eastern Michigan University.  Before arriving at EMU, she worked as the Associate AD for Academics and SWA at Chicago State, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academic Support at the University of Mississippi.  As well as Senior Associate Director at the University of Maryland’s, and […]

Memoir of an Athlete, Brandon Ballard, Part Two

The Sophomore Year  The sophomore year, a time I believe regular students begin their collegiate manifest is the time student-athletes should start forming their plan of what is going to happen to them after they receive their degree.” I had a good GPA, and enough connections to join the Fraternity & Sorority Life going through […]

Memoir of an Athlete, Brandon Ballard, Part One

The successful journey of the current student-athlete begins and ends well outside of the realm of their performance in their perspective setting of play. History is being made, and records are vanishing due to the millennial student-athlete as well as the black millennial student-athlete. All student athletes that make it to the college level share […]

Transitional Management Program for Athletes

The Institute for Personal Player Development has launched its Transitional Management program for athletes of all ages.  Most people believe the transition is a one-time occurrence which takes place at the end of an athlete’s athletic career, but that is not entirely true.  A transition can occur as a result of many things such as an […]

Athletes and Transitional Management

The disturbing transformation of Cliff Harris a one-time All-American high school athlete, Pack 12 champion, and former NFL hopeful is unfortunate but not new.  In fact, athletes self-destructive behavior post career is becoming a common theme for collegiate and professional athletes who are forced to transition out of sports. Transitional Management is a term we […]