Anthony Eggleton: Mind, Body and Soul

Anthony Eggleton has been training athletes for the past 30 years.  You name it, High School, College All-Americans, NFL and Professional Basketball players have all worked under the tutelage of one of the most creative sports performance coaches in the country.

His strength training and off –court / field drills dramatically improve foot speed and agility, overall strength and optimal conditioning levels for all athletes. His expertise has allowed him to train players from around the country and abroad.  He combines physical fitness with a emphasis on personal player development.  PPD Mag has asked Ant (as he is called by many) to contribute his thoughts, opinions and theories on developing the athlete.  We are calling this Anthony Eggleton: Mind, Body and Soul.

When I decided to become a prominent, word-class performance coach I searched the world for training methods and philosophy. Soviet Special Forces and Sambo Combat Training was one of the systems I was trained under. To this very day I take the time to stretch my ideas of training. It helps to have a great library of resources at my disposal.

I’m often asked how do you transform athletes? The answer is both complex and simple. I teach the athletes to fire/activate parts of the brain that eliminates self limiting thoughts. And how to activate/fire nerve plexus that control fine motor skills. The U.S. Super Soldier programs are doing similar things. Of course you wouldn’t know that if you just follow along on the training leash.

Have you ever looked at a glass of water and thought about how amazing it is. It can take on any shape. It can show itself in different forms. For thousands of years it has been used in religious rituals and even in the miraculous healing of disease. It is something very powerful when realized. Dr. Emoto has shown through his experiments that water is programmable by human thought. What he has done is scientifically proven ancient knowledge. What’s in it for you. You can pray, concentrate your thoughts into water for healing, rejuvenation or whatever you may desire. I personally use this method and I teach it to the students in my advanced group. I am bringing new science and spiritual science together.

The most complex machine in the physical world is the human body. It has no inherent limits. Any perceived limits are constructed from man’s lack of knowledge of who he really is.

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